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Before you submit your application,

please check to make sure you 

have not applied to other McDonald's® locations

owned by Lattner Enterprises.


Lattner Enterprises McDonald's Restaurants in NY:

Front Street

Court Street

State Street

Lattner Enterprises McDonald's Restaurants in PA:





Interview Tips


Worried about completing your application? Not sure what to say in your interview? Relax. You'll feel much better after a little preparation. Follow our helpful application tips and you'll feel much more confident.


Application Tips:


  • Read each question thoroughly before answering.
  • Use accurate spelling, especially when applying online (you are unable to go back).
  • Ensure your email address and contact details are correct since you may be contacted by either phone or email.
  • Give prior thought to your availability as you will be asked what days and times you are available to work. It's normal to provide a range of availability, but you will not be scheduled for all of your available hours. For example: if you only want to work one night per week, but you are happy to do this on any night, you would indicate that you are available every evening but you would only like one night shift per week.
  • If applying online, print a copy of your application form so that you have a record of what you said (there is a button to do this on the final screen). If you are applying on paper you should photocopy your completed form for your records.
  • If applying on paper use a black pen so that it is clearly legible.



State Street McDonald's - Binghamton, NY

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 3 West State St.
Binghamton NY 13901

Phone: (607) 723-0222
Manager: Mykela Ackley
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