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McDonald’s® is committed to providing your family with food choices made from high-quality ingredients. With McDonald’s Made For You®, orders can be customized to meet nutritional needs and taste preferences. A flexible menu and wide variety of sizes make it easy for our customers to create a range of meal combinations that fall within recommended guidelines for calories, fat and other nutrients.


  • McDonald’s offers a range of menu options to help meet your family’s nutritional needs.
  • McDonald’s Happy Meals® contain important nutrients, such as protein, calcium, iron and vitamin C, that growing children need.

  • Our Premium Salads provide approximately three USDA servings of vegetables.
  • Our Asian Chicken Salad contains mixed greens, red bell peppers, edamame, snow peas, mandarin oranges, grape tomatoes and shaved carrots, which provide antioxidants and important vitamins and nutrients for growth and development.
  • Bag-A-McMealTM allows you to view nutrition information for your customized McDonald’s meal, helping you meet your personal nutrition needs.


McDonald’s ensures that all of the food and beverages we serve our customers meet our stringent food-quality standards. We do business with suppliers that share this commitment and work with them to continuously monitor, test, and track our ingredients to assure quality.

High-quality food begins with high-quality ingredients, and McDonald’s uses many of the same trusted ingredients you use at home, such as:

  • Great-tasting 100 percent USDA-inspected beef, with no fillers or extenders.
  • Tender, juicy, high-quality white meat in Premium Chicken Sandwiches and Salads.
  • Real eggs in our Egg McMuffin® breakfast sandwiches.
  • A variety of field greens in our Premium Salads, which are prepared fresh daily in our restaurants.
  • Select potatoes from trusted potato farmers for our World Famous Fries®.

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