McResource Line is an employer paid referral service that is available to McDonald's employees' and their family members at no cost to the employee.

Free Help When You Need It!

Help for you and your immediate family members to solve many of life's issues. It's fast, it's free, it's confidential!

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  • Find a new place to live.
  • Take care of your health.
  • Get legal referrals.
  • Get help with your debt.
  • Find licensed daycare.
  • Continue your education

Getting Help is Easy

You or your family members call and explain your situation.

The McResource Line consultant will research your situation to give you current, accurate information and resources that fit your needs.

Real Stories / Real Results

McResource Line consultants were able to direct an employee to a local energy assistance program and credit counseling after he was told his utilities would be shut off.

The McResource Line was able to find late night and weekend hour childcare solutions for a swing manager when her babysitter suddenly quit.

Bullard Avenue

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 6005 Bullard Ave.
New Orleans LA 70128

Phone: 504-240-4041
Manager: Lisa John
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